Cat X 10 = Bengal

          Photo credit: Jena Ardell of New Jersey

Spring 2018 Litters Are HERE!

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Updated 4/16/18

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Tyler is now on Animal Planets "Cats 101" See the bottom of the Studs page for the full story! Click the link below to veiw the video! For those of you that don't know Ty, he is the cat on the white background.
Cats 101- Bengal Animal Planet Verified • 2.5M views

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"Proud to be a member of the Bengals Illustrated Reputable Breeder Program"

Welcome to my home page and home of our Bengal Cats. Feel free to look inside at our spotted kitties. descendants of the Asian Leopard Cat, no wonder they look so wild. Please check back often for available kittens. located in North Carolina. Also Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.   

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