***********************************************  Above Photo by Creative Focus Photophgraphy
Introducing TailSpin Glory

She did well at the Shows as a Kitten and became a Champion at her first Adult Show in White Plains! Thank you Vicki for taking her to the show for me! She continues in her Father's foots steps and beyond! Way to go Glory!!

Born: February 23, 2011


Sire: DGC Calcatta Tyler of TailSpin

Dam: Anjou Jolie of Tailspin
Here she is in Philly at the Annual as a Kitten, with one of her two Finial Ribbons she got. 
Here she is at her Third show as an Adult admiring her Final Ribbon, making her a Triple Grand Champion!!!

She is holding her own competing against some really BIG Boy Bengals!
Here is Glory at a show in Harrisburg, PA, receiving a final from Katharina Krenn, a Judge from Austria.

My Glory girl earned her Quadruple Grand Champion Title at this Show! Way to go Glory!!!!  

Supreme Grand Champion!

RW SGC TailSpin Glory

Well our Girl did it!!!!! On July 21st at the Mid Alantic Regional in Reading PA., she got her "Best Cat Final" and got her Supreme Grand Champion Title!!!! A big THANK YOU goes out to Judge Adriana Kajon (above) for making this possible!!!!!

Later that evening at the Regional Banquet we went on to recieve her awards for Regional Winner, 17th Best Cat and 8th Best Short Hair Cat!!

We are very proud of our Girl!!!!!! Way to go Glory!!

Glory's Supreme Party

It is customary to have a party at a Cat Show after your cat achieves the title of Supreme Grand Champion.
Above is the cake, surrounded by cupcakes that I had special made for Glory and below a few snacks and Champagne!

Starkittie Shady Lady of Tailspin

Introducing Starkittie Shady Lady (Shady)

Shady is our  Charcoal Silver Spotted Bengal. She comes to us from Tami Savard from Starkittie Bengals in Ohio.  Thank you Tami for this super loving little beauty!  Her kittens when paired with Sinbad are amazing!


Born: March 10, 2014

Sire: QGC Kotykatz Leo Minor of Starkittie

Dam: Bayside Pyxis of Starkittie

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Lawton St Mews What Ever Lola Wants

Introducing, Lawnton St Mews What Ever Lola Wants  (Lola)

I am very happy to announce our VERY SPECIAL New Queen! A very SMALL handful of Breeders are lucky enough to get a kitten for breeding from this Cattery!! 

She is a Sliver Spotted Bengal. She purrs when you talk to her and is oh so playful. She is a very loving little girl that will pass her personality on to her kittens.


Born: April 1, 2015

Sire: Jungle Mist Double Tap 

Dam: Lawnton St Mews Eve


Tailspin Simone

Introducing Tailspin Simone (Simmy)

Simmy is a Brown Spotted Tabby known as a Cool Brown, because she is very dark. She was from a Silver to Silver Breeding, meaning both parents are Silver. She is very affectionate and loves to be in your lap when ever she can.
Although very loving and mushy, she doesn't like to be held, but you can carry her. She comes to you when you whistle, a first here at Tailspin.  


Born: May 6, 2016

Sire: CH Tailspin Sinbad

Dam: Starkittie Shady Lady


Tailspin Minx

Introducing Tailspin Minx

This is Minx, if you think she looks like Simmy, she does! They are Sisters. Unlike her Sister she doesn't mind being held. She is also a very loving and mushy Lap Cat. When they were born, I knew they had to stay together and that is why I kept both. They are very bonded to each other and play and wash each other every day.  


Born May 6, 2016

Sire: CH Tailspin Sinbad

Dam: Starkittie Shady Lady



Tailspin Pandora

Introducing Tailspin Pandora, she was a first litter between Printz and Minx and is our newest Queen here. She will be bred to our Champion Tyler when she is old enough. (about a year or older) 


DOB: June 23, 2017 


Sire: Anjou Printz Charming


Dam: Tailspin Minx