This is The Realms Augustus of Tailspin (Gus)

  He has personality plus and is a lover boy too. He is producing beautiful kittens for us stamping not only his beautiful pattern, but his wonderful personality on them as well!

Gus is now retired and has moved back to New Jersey to live with Rob and his family.

HCM screened normal on 7/14/09


Born February 3, 2008

Sire: RW SGC Dreamland Goliath

Dam: DGC The Realms Dimonz on Ice 

Introducing Tailspin Bit O' Honey (Bitty)

This little beauty is Stacy's Daughter. She was so pretty I just had to keep her. We tried to show her but she found all the noise and people frightened her a bit. So she will stay at home and become our beautiful pet and a wonderful Mother to her future babies.

Born: July 4, 2012

Sire: Village Fire Kiss of Anjou

Dam: Tailspin Stacy


Bitty is also now retired and has gone to live with Gus in New Jersey with Rob and Family! I guess they both liked NJ better!



Hunterdon Hall Montague

CH Hunterdon Hall Montague

It is with deep regret and heavy heart we have had  Monte neutered. Several attempts with a few different females, he never produced a litter. Being an F4, it is most likely he is sterile. None the less it doesn't make him less of a Bengal! He will live out his life here with us and being our first Bengal, he is very special to us and we Love him.  

Born: August 28, 2006

Sire: Hunterdon Hall Aeolus

Dam: Natureworks Toni

Anjou Lenox

This is Anjou Lenox of Tailspin (Lenox)
While looking for a Brown Spotted Bengal to add to our program, I saw Lenox and it was love at first sight!
I had no intention to breed Snows, so Lenox was Altered and is my forever Mascot!
Lenox is a Double Champion with AACE

Born February 14, 2007

Sire: Millwood Golden Boy of Anjou

Dam: Anjou Isabel Angouleme

Anjou Jolie of Tailspin

This is Anjou Jolie of Tail Spin (Jolie)

Jolie has a great head, nice small ears and a great profile.
She has a nice tight rosetted pelt with glitter
We look forward to the kittens Jolie brings us.

UPDATE: Jolie has given us some of the most beautiful kittens ever. She just had her last litter and she will be retiring now. She is now spayed and will live here with us, happily ever after!

HCM screened normal on 7/14/09

Born: June 3, 2007

Sire: Zendada Sweet Thursday of Anjou

Dam: CH Gogees Olivia Enchants of Anjou

TailSpin Stacy

Introducing TailSpin Stacy

 Also born here, she is a younger sister to Glory
. She was returned to us after her new owner became too ill to care for her. She seemed very shy at first and chose to hide. She is now a very loving cat and in your face wanting some loving. I think she is a little too shy to go to Cat Shows, but she has proven to be an excellant Mother.

Born: July 6, 2011


Sire: DGC Calcatta Tyler of TailSpin

Dam: Anjou Jolie of TailSpin

Tailspin Marble Temptation

This is Tailspin Marble Temptation

 We had to spay Marble after she had an infection. She will be staying here to live happily ever after. She is my little love bug! She is also a Double Champion in AACE.

Born: June 29,2009

Sire: The Realms Augustus of Tailspin

Dam: Goldspurr Rosie

Champion Starkittie Pussy Willow

Starkittie Pussy Willow

This is Starkittie Pussy Willow. (Willow) 

She has a wonderful profile and huge nocturnal eyes.
Nicely pelted, she is just loaded with Glitter.
She is a very soft spoken girl, that purrs to the touch.

Thank-you Tami Savard for this very pretty girl!

Willow is a Quadruple Champion with AACE

Willow is now Spayed and retired and staying here.

Born: March 24, 2007

Sire: Sir Pluto of Starkittie

Dam: Starkittie Tailer Heart


SpotacularBG Gilded Lily of Tailspin

Meet SpotacularBG Gilded Lily 

We got this wonderful girl from Holly of  SpotacularBG Bengals. She is as sweet as can be. Her rosettes are dropping out nicely and she is becomming more clear coated each day. Thank-you Holly!

Lily is now spayed and is Living in Ohio and soon going to be traveling across Country with Gerald and her two Dog pals.

HCM screened normal on 7/14/09

Born: April 24, 2008

Sire: WildForest Maximo of SpotacularBG

Dam: Pleasant Pond Silva of SpotacularBG  

Tailspin Angelic

This is Tailspin Angelic, Angel. She is now Spayed and living here, happily ever after.  

Born: May 5, 2010

Sire: DGC Calcatta Tyler of Tailspin

Dam: SpotacularBG Gilded Lily of Tailspin

AuroraLights Silver Dawn

It is with my deepest sympathy and broken heart to announce that on April 2, 2015, Dawn threw a blood clot in her spine and became paralyzed from the waist down. (Saddle Thrombosis)
She was such an active girl I just couldn't see trying to keep her alive so in her best interest I had her put to sleep.
(Still get teary)  She will forever be in my Heart!  RIP my beautiful Girl!

Introducing our upcoming Queen, AuroraLights Silver Dawn.

She is a Beautiful Silver Bengal. I have waited a very long time for a Silver Girl and I finally found her. She flew in all the way from Michigan and came out of her carrier purring. Thank you Cathy Potter for trusting me with this beautiful baby! 

Born: December 7, 2012


Sire: Tecspot Xtreme Xpodition of AuroraLights

Dam: AuroraLights Silver Genes

Here is Dawn at her very first show being judged by Paul Lahey. He gave her 3rd Best of Breed.

Tailspin Jezabel

Meet Tailspin Jezabel

Jezabel is a sweet girl and has the personality of her mother and father. Biggie is her "Little" Brother. LOL
She was Ambassador at a CFA Cat Show (they don't allow Bengal Cats) but allowed her to be on display and interact with the public. She was a BIG hit! (see the article below) (note: As of 2016 CFA NOW allows Bengals to compete as a Probationary New Breed)
Paired with Tyler she has beautiful babies with her playful and sweet disposition. Her last litter can be seen on past kittens page sitting together for Christmas.

Jezabel has been retired 10/16 and now resides in Virginia with Katie and her family.


Born:  February 18, 2011 

Sire: The Realms Augustus of Tailspin

Dam: SpotacularBG Gilded Lily of Tailspin

NEWS FLASH 8/5/2013 Congratulations to Bobbie Damiano of Tailspin Bengals, one of our very own Bengals Illustrated Breeders on their recent feature in the New Jersey Examiner!
It’s a great piece on the Meet The Bengals event that was held at the CFA Garden State Expo! The Cat Fanciers Association, CFA, doe not currently recognize the Bengal cat as a registered breed and Bengal cats are ineligible for CFA championship titles, although, the Bengal cat is recognized by The International Cat Association, TICA, and is considered to be the world’s most popular pedigreed breed according to registration statistics!
The article shares just a little bit of Bengal cat history and then goes on to report on the Meet the Bengal Cat event stating, “Even though not recognized as a breed by the CFA, there is still a place for the Bengal Cat in a cat show of this size and scope. They are a type of cat that would attract a special type of owner. Since they are active cats, they are meant for those who would like daily interaction. They are the type of cat who demand attention and enjoy being part of the family.”
Overall the event was a huge success with the Bengal cat bringing large crowds to the show.
Special congratulations to Bengals Illustrated breeder, Bobbie Damiano for all her efforts! To see the full article visit the NJ Examiner. -

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